UNITED / 2009


Work UNITED is continuation of the exhibition DVD (divided) that was primarily shown in Sarajevo in June 2002, and it was divided in two parts: intervention in the space of the Art Gallery of Bosnia-Herzegovina and exhibition of photographs in Galerija Roman Petrović.


Work UNITED, installed on the bridge “Brotherhood and Unity” in Sarajevo, is based on the cult representation of Two Soldiers that is part of the Checkpoint Memorial in Berlin. By putting the portraits of the citizens of Sarajevo (in this case, father and son) that were separated not by their will, in the confrontation with two portraits from Berlin, the main aim of this intervention is to focus on the problem of physical dividedness. This intervention is the result of the author’s personal experience, who was, during the siege of Sarajevo, separated by his father and which reunion never happen.




1994 - 2009













Photographs Almin Zrno and Irfan Redžović