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88 roses for Comrade Tito / 2001


Emperor’s Room of the Diocletian’s Palace, Split, Croatia, 1999

Galerija Knap, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2000

Galerija Minimal, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2002

Bookstore Karver, Podgorica, Montenegro, 2007

Center for Drama arts, Skopje, Macedonia, 2009

The House of Flowers, Belgrade, Serbia, 2010


Conception of this artistic installation is fusion of two different periods of my life, through which comes to the conflict of the meaning of the word ROSE from these two periods. The first is, part of my growing up with iconography of the Tito's birthday, and the second is war period, where the word ROSE in Sarajevo dictionary, gets its place, symbolizing the print of the grenades on the asphalt.


Installation has its premiere in 1999 in Emperor’s Room of the Diocletian’s Palace in Split, in the frame of the multimedia project “21st Spring” by Croatian artist Petar Grimani. One year after, it was exposed in Galerija Knap in Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina), which followed in 2002 with exhibition in Galerija Minimal in Ljubljana (Slovenia) in the space in which already exhibit eminent artists like IRWIN, Sol Lewitt, Marko Peljhan and many more. In 2007, it was exposed in Bookstore Karver in Podgorica (Montenegro) and in 2009, in the Center for Drama arts in Skopje (Macedonia). The idea is exhibiting the work each year in one gallery space in each of the former republics of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY), to finish finally in the House of Flowers (Kuća Cvijeća) in Belgrade (Serbia), and with that, the circle will be finished.





Photo Mediha Živojević

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