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Once you enter the galerie du jour agnès b., we cannot fail to see “Zaborav ubija - To forget kills (2005)”, artwork by Andrej Ðerković, an artist born in Sarajevo in 1971. These three impressions on aluminum (100x70 cm), borrow their style warnings on cigarette packages, reclaiming one of the best-known brands Bosnian "Drina", which owes its name to the river that divides Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Created in the climate of denial and indifference at the time of the tenth anniversary of the fall of Srebrenica, the admonition of the artist, written in French, English and Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian / Montenegrin says oblivion is more harmful than tobacco. And indicating that these "Drinas" have denifine® filters, Ðerković suggests that denial gives forgetting a less pungent taste. This warning appears yet again in “Memory Lane” exhibition, as a multitude of posters - all identical - covering the walls of a staircase, and once again returning visitors to the collective duty of memory.


Lauren Lydic

Université de Limoges, June 2014

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