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Buybook, 07/2002


Jeff Koons / Bono Vox / Marina Abramović / Jean-Luc Godard / Alfonso Cuarón / Isabelle Huppert / agnès b. / David LaChapelle / Michelangelo Pistolleto / David Byrne / Pancho / Michel Hazanavicius / Emmanuelle Béart / Enki Bilal / Sebastião Salgado / Braco Dimitrijević / Jean-Hughes Anglade / Joe Sacco / Damir Urban / Miljenko Jergović / Hermann Huppen / Dubravko Ivaniš / Grégoire Colin / Frank Margerin / Laka / ZEP / Milo Manara / Alban Ukaj / Roger Pfund / Paul Viacozz / Lyn M / Aleksandra Nina Knežević / Beral Madra / Rachid Taha / Jovan Divjak / Elvis J. Kurtović / Boro Kontić / John Howe / Christine and The Queens / Petar Grimani / Vincent Perez / Jusuf Hadžifejzović / Nadia Capuzzo / Richard Galliano / Aslı Erdoğan / MC Solaar / Arthur H / Theodor / Phillipe Geluck / Semezdin Mehmedinović

This anniversary jubilee photographic exhibition “50” is a logical continuation of the exhibition “30” that was set in the Buybook bookstore twenty years ago. Like in the original series, as part of this selective exhibition, this time there are portraits of 50 people who have made an impact in the past half a century or have found their place in the author's life through a personal relationship. The portraits were made in the period from 1996 until today in Geneva, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Belfast, Lausanne, Istanbul, Trieste, Nyon, Bilbao, Rome and Sarajevo.


The presented visual stenography of its own life is important because of the intimate personal communication and mutual respect with the portrayed persons, and because of the geography and instantaneity of these encounters. Đerković's facial exposure without make-up and artificial light follows the vision of Diane Arbus, whose life was violently interrupted the same year the author's life began, in which she explains her portraits by saying that when "you see someone on the street, what you notice on them is their imperfections", so it remains for us to look at the faces in Đerković's portraits to find all the imperfections of the modern society we know and what makes that same society so different and picturesque.


This introspective exhibition is dedicated to Nisvet Džanko (1963-2012).





























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