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Untitled / 2003


ARS AEVI Museum of Contemporary arts Sarajevo


Once more we stand in front of a work by Andrej Ðerković that deals explicitly with issues of a physical division. It is the reaction of a young man, irritated by the very existence of the Dayton line*, which he calls an “anomaly”. Andrej is sufficiently young that he cannot and will not accept the outlook on life offered him (and us by the political model of Bosnia-Herzegovina. He is also sufficiently old to realize (and remember) what the alternative is. The work presented on this exhibition speaks for itself sufficiently well, that it needs no title or additional explication.

Nevertheless: Andrej sees Bosnia-Herzegovina as a table for table tennis. The net on his table is not in the usual place, the middle. It divides it like the Dayton line divides our country. The game becomes impossible to play - the balls cannot avoid hitting the net and getting caught up in it or falling off the table. When they fall, they roll away and get lost or end up elsewhere. Some of the balls do return to the senseless game, but sooner or later they too fall to the ground or are “lost” forever.

Playing the game across the Dayton line means not playing, or being condemned to always loosing.


Maja Abdomerović

National Gallery of Bosnia-Herzegovina Curator

Photo above: Dejan Vekić






                                                                * Dayton line (Inter-Entity Line)

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