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Being Iossif Wissarionowitsch / 2010

Central Square, Gori, Georgia

With Frances Belser (Zürich) and Behrang Samadzadegan (Tehran)



The work is illustrating the dilemma around the Stalin's heritage in his birth town of Gori (Georgia). 20-ft bronze statue was removed on the government’s decision during the night on June 25, 2010. Whole act was greeted with positive, as well as negative reactions of the Georgian and international society.


Discussion about the Central square in Gori, as well as about opinion about Stalin in local society, continued as well through the project of Georgian Ministry for Culture and protection of monuments, which planed on the same place to build a monument to the victims of Russian-Georgian war from 2008 and to the victims of the Stalin's regime.


Performative intervention in the public space “Being Iossif Wissarionowitsch” by Andrej Ðerković (Sarajevo), in collaboration with Frances Belser (Zürich) and Behrang Samadzadegan (Tehran), for its aim have to bring on table, the discussion and research about the Central Square of Gori’s significance on local, as well as on the international level, and through the same discussion to develop the final posture about the figure and villainess of Josef Stalin in the reading of the modern history.


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