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Audrey Bongard i Andrej Đerković, Villa Olimpique, Lausanne.jpg

DUM DUM / 1992


DUM DUM is a kind of shooting bullet with the cover on the top, cross-wide, in order to explode with the strike into human body making as bigger injuries as possible. The first DUM DUM grain was made in Dum Dum, an Indian town (near Calcutta), to which the bullet was named after. According to The Hague's declaration on July 29, 1899, the use of DUM DUM and all other deforming bullets is FORBIDDEN. DUM DUM is the series of photographs representing the struggle between the reality before and during the war, what we can mostly see in the actions captured by photographer, not in the photos themselves. The photos are not strictly connected. I mean, there isn't just one theme. They are the result of some thoughts that explode in our minds in very concrete moments, of which we had a lot during the war. Those moments had a strong, destructive influence on us. The name of the exhibition, DUM DUM, is in accordance with that. The premier of the exhibition was in Khan Younis Centre in Gaza, State of Palestine.

Photographs from this serie are in the collections of Musée Olympique - International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Lausanne, War Childhood Museum in Sarajevo, Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende (MSSA) in Santiago de Chile, United States Information Agency (USIA) in Washington D.C. and Fototeca de Cuba in La Habana.








                 Audrey Bongard (IOC) and Andrej Đerković, Villa Olimpique, Lausanne, october 2021

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