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Souvenir from Bosnia-Herzegovina.jpg

Souvenir from Bosnia-Herzegovina

(Offset, 70 x 100 cm)


The work "Souvenir from Bosnia-Herzegovina” is made at the invitation of the French curator and art historian David-Alexandre Guéniot, to participate in a project entitled "Souvenirs from Europe" where it is involved fifteen most important representatives of today's European contemporary art scene.


“Souvenirs from Europe” is a series of posters made by artists (photographers, designers, visual artists) who are presently living and working in Europe. They were invited to choose/create an “object of protest” (as there were “protest songs” in the 1970’s), as a political souvenir of our times. The final result will take the shape of a mobile exhibition that will be exhibited in art spaces, galleries, theaters, and bookshops in Europe during 2014.


Souvenir from Portugal, Galeria de Arte Ambulante

Souvenir from Greece, Petros Eftathiadis

Souvenir from Hungary, Tecnica Schweiz/Katarina Šević

Souvenir from England, Seba Kurtis

Souvenir from Slovenia, Janez Janša, Janez Janša, Janez Janša

Souvenir from Belgium, Eduardo Matos

Souvenir from France, Marina Gadonneix/Guillaume Onimus

Souvenir from Germany, Léo Favier

Souvenir from Ireland, Kenneth o'Halloran

Souvenir from Ukraine, Kirill Golovchenko

Souvenir from Cyprus, Panayiotis Michael

Souvenir from Switzerland, Virginie Rebetez

Souvenir from Italy, Lorenzo Vitturi

Souvenir from Spain, Carlos Spottorno

Souvenir from Romania, Dan Perjovschi

Souvenir from Iceland, Unnar Orm

Souvenir from Austria, Superamas

Souvenir from the Netherlands, Jaap Scheeren

Souvenir from Turkey, Ali Taptik

Souvenir from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Andrej  Ðerković



GHOST is an association founded in 2011 in Lisbon by the Portuguese photographer Patrícia Almeida and the French editor/curator David-Alexandre Guéniot. Its goal is to take part of the production of artistic and theoretical-practical contents in the most diverse ways (artistic researches, exhibitions, residencies, meetings and debates) that focus on an experimental approach. It also aims to extend these initiatives through the appropriation of the produced contents and by reinvesting them in the shape of books. The name GHOST emerges from the cycle of residencies organized in 2011 under the same name, where the combination of the words ‘Guest’ and ‘Host’, worked as a programmatic guideline and aimed to establish a circular connection in the curatorial and editorial practices and in the transfers of the authorial relationships.

                                       Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea, Santiago de Compostela, 2014

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