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DVD / 2003


National Gallery of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina), 2003

Galerija Roman Petrović, Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina), 2004

Galerie Archigraphy, Genève (Switzerland), 2009

Brian Friel Theatre, Queen’s University, Belfast (Northern Ireland), 2010

Art Pavilion ULUCG - Podgorica (Montenegro), 2010




DVD > divide (d'vaid)


The aim of the whole project DVD is to make attention on the problem of physical dividedness. This project has personal meaning to me as artists, and also as a citizen of Sarajevo, who was separated from his father during the siege of Sarajevo. Our reunion never happens. The exhibition was shown first in Sarajevo and it was divided in two parts: installation in the National gallery of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and black & white photographs in Galerija Roman Petrović in Sarajevo. The installation was made by barb-wire that divided the National Gallery of Bosnia-Herzegovina in two parts. The aim was to show, how dividing the space as a synonym of the state and in the same time the collection of the National Gallery, in which are the works of the artists of different confessions, religions and background, it’s impossible. Second part of the exhibition is made by 20 black & white photographs from Belfast, Sarajevo, Geneva, Mostar and Rijeka, the cities whose citizens experienced dividedness through the history. For the invitation it was used original letter of ICRC used for correspondence between the people who are separated.  In 2004, the exhibition was show in the frame of “Semaine de l’Architecture” in Galerie Archigraphy in Geneva (Switzerland). In October 2009, it was exposed in Brian Friel Theatre - Queen’s University in Belfast (Northern Ireland).





1994 - 2009

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