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Need Different. / 2015

Galerie Papiers Glacés

Genève, Switzerland



Working as a diptych, the work is consists of photography showing the line for water in besieged Sarajevo's suburb Dobrinja in 1993, and photography of the line in front of the Apple Store in Geneva. On both pictures, the lines are photographed from the same angle. Photos of one life, but two centuries.


The title of the exhibition 'Need Different." is a critical review of the current state of society through the advertising slogan "Think Different" that Apple Computer released in 1997, so with these two photographs and with inversion of the slogan, the key question is (non)existence of the differencies of our needs at the turn of two centuries. As the social structure consists of two basic principles: the economic base and social outbuilding, this work examines which of the two above-mentioned principles, took a leading role in creating social awareness.


Also, in contrast to Bosnia and Herzegovina's national classification of "we / others", following universal thinking and through all these differencies of needs, here we come to questions, how much these "we" and those "others" are different, or at the end, with this globalization, we are all the same.


The exhibition was organized under the patronage of the Embassy of the Swiss Confederation to Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the occasion of this exhibition, Bosnian weekly magazine DANI in cooperation with the portal, published this cycle in their column "Writing with light" dedicated to the photographic art. The work was shown in in May 2018 in the frame of colective exhibition "1 ON 1" in Gallery Artget (Belgrade Cultural Centre) under the commision of Ana Panić.

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