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88 roses for Comrade Tito / 2010


Museum of Yugoslavia

Curator Ana Panić

Belgrade, Serbia

On May 20th 2010 in the House of Flowers (Museum of Yugoslavia) was exhibited work “88 roses for Comrade Tito”. Partner of this final phase was Museum of Yugoslavia Belgrade.


Artistic intervention “88 roses for Comrade Tito” is a fusion of two different periods of the author, through which we come into the conflict of the meaning of the word ROSE from these two periods. The first was, part of author’s growing up in the socialism époque with Josip Broz Tito's iconography (after his death, his 88 years was marked throughout Yugoslavia by planting the same number of red roses) and the second is war period, where the word ROSE in Sarajevo dictionary, gets its place, symbolizing the print of the grenades on the asphalt.




Installation has its premiere in the Emperor’s Room of the Diocletian’s Palace in Split in 1999. One year after, it was exposed in Galerija Knap in Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina), in 2002, in Galerija Minimal in Ljubljana, (Slovenia), in 2007 in Bookstore Karver in Podgorica (Montenegro) and in 2009, in Center for Drama arts in Skopje (Macedonia).


The exhibition in the House of Flowers on the 30th anniversary of the Tito’s dead and the 15th anniversary of the official end of the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina is representing the closing of the circle and the end of this work in progress through the galleries in each of the former republics of SFRY. After Belgrade’s exhibition, the work was saved in the collection of Museum of Yugoslavia.

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