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A castle without doors


Andrej Ðerković is very unusual character. Imagine the combination of a angry bear and small girl. An odious bear, that leaves the forest to play with a bucket in the sand. Actually, he reminds me on Bouvier's postman from Tabriz who on the question of nervous neighbors: „No letters? - (and there is no letters for weeks) answers calm and with a smile - „they are on the way“. The messages, even when there isn’t one, they can be only on the way to you. There is no other explication in the world of Andrej. Cosmos where there is no delay or nervosas. The space in which the news, even that they are not visible, they are just to come.

Imagine a man who was in the beginning of the siege of Sarajevo saving the library of the American Centre in Sarajevo. Everything is falling a part, the time is passing in the speedy rhythm of the sand clock, but young Ðerković hitch to save the books that could, until that moment, to their users, only give the oriole of „American spies“.

Imagine a hero who always have a ready question for you, like „What is the castle without the door?” His smile from ear to ear is showing you, how he's enjoying in your confusion. Only Andrej with its smile can give you old question on which there is no chance to answer. But even when you get the simple answer, don't even think about leaving his circle, in which his ideas, messages, answers, projects, conversation and exhibitions are just simple forms with what he is packing his curiosity and the need to fill it up the vacuum or get your involvement.

That’s how I am finding this book that he's giving us on a view. Where is realized? As I see, somewhere between his voyages, in the vacuums between his exhibitions in the time when everybody thought that there is nothing happening, while Andrej's message was unstoppable traveling to us. As a small castle without a door where there is nothing that will change the world, but it keeps caught moment of time that we witnessed.


Boro Kontić

Preface for the book „Slučajni razgovori“ (COTE Magazine Genève/Buybook Sarajevo, 2007)

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