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Taksim Triptik / 2013


As the name suggests, the exhibition consists of photographic triptych made in Taksim Square in Istanbul during 2012 anti-government demonstrations.


Following the initial idea triptych from the middle Ages and the Renaissance, which is often conceived as an altar, this work presents illustrative central Taksim Square as the altar of social and social unrest. The work is based on a situation in which following the formats of Byzantine art, through formal trinity, Atatürk Kültür Merkezi Istanbul's central place of culture as a central icon, is placed in the center, and is surrounded on both sides by "guardian angels" in this case, the guardians of power, which on the contrary of the primeval altar and cultural significance of the approach to this building, do not allow access to the same.


Through these juxtaposition, i.e. placing next to each other, ourselves in a parallel comparative position, the work examines the understanding of contemporary and historical trauma of Turkish society as entirety, and through the logic of the space, examines the behavior and power of individuals and collectives, competing against one another.


By exhibiting this work in a Sarajevo's BlackBOX gallery and specificity of its walls, we get the impression of weight and fullness, during which this work, with its setting, physically and visually calls for a very one very personal understanding of this square.


The work was premierly shown in Galerija BlackBOX (Sarajevo, BiH) in April 2014, and in october 2015 was exposed in Pavillon Bleu in Geneva (Switzerland).



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