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One vision (5 min.) / 1994


The work combines fragments of home video recorded during the war with the pop hymn "One vision" by the British rock band Queen. By noting shelling, wounded people, funerals and other events in sarajevan suburb of Dobrinja with VHS camera, the author pose the question of absolutism propagated in one of the biggest hits of the previous decade. The word "one vision, one nation, one light exaltation…" became threatening phrases which leads to bloodshed. One, who subscribes to them at the beginning of the video, renounces them at the end.


Dunja Blažević

SCCA Centre for Contemporary arts Sarajevo Director

(from catalogue Annual Exhibition SCCA Sarajevo “Meeting point”)




Sarajevo Center Contemporary Arts Annual Exhibition 1997

Main Program

Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina


Les Innatendus Festival 1997

Main Program

Lyon, France


38th Festival of Amateur Film of Bosnia-Herzegovina

Jury Award for Best Montage

Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina


UNICA 98 Concours Mondial

Selection Officielle

Zilertall, Austria


21st Exhibition of Today’s Artists - Ataturk Kűltűr Merkezi

Curator Beral Madra

Istanbul, Türkiye


22ème Instants Vidéo 2009

Sélection Officielle

Aix-en-Provence, France


Images contre nature 2010

Soirée de clôture

Marseille, France

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