I survived 1425 days of the siege / 2007


The work is the result of probably one of the biggest moral and sociological dilemma: who stayed and who left during the siege of the city? The work have task to suggest the difference of the personal perceptions of lived / survived period of the siege of Sarajevo, independently of was that experience in Sarajevo or Göteborg, Montreal or Paris. On the other side, the work is also suggesting the difference of internal sarajevan perception of the siege, lived on Dobrinja, Velešići... or in the other parts of the city. Even that this work have aim of some kind of reconciliation between this fictive groups where there is existing constant conflict in a daily communication, it seems that, concerning the experience, there is need to make distinction between the same. To visitor is given its own personal liberty, while looking in the mirror, to question his personal perception of lived / survived period of the siege of Sarajevo and confront to the reality in which we are now. The work was shown in Karabit (National Gallery of Bosnia-Herzegovina) in Sarajevo, after what it was presented in the frame of 12eme Biennale de l’Image en Movement (BiM) in Centre pour l’Image Contemporaine Saint-Gervais Genève (Switzerland), in Galerie Studio 34 in Marseille (France), in Instant Heidi.com Gallery in Lausanne (Switzerland), in Galerie En Face in Paris (France), and in Ocaña in Barcelona (Spain). In july 2017 on the 25th annversary of the siege of Sarajevo, the work was shown in PinchukArtCentre in Kiev (Ukraine).



Above: National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo, Photo Almin Zrno

Down: Galerie En Face Paris, Photo Alix Berard