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Circusplatz / 2013.2020

ULUPUBIH (Association of Applied Artists and Designers of Bosnia-Herzegovina ) Gallery 

Isolation art Online

Circusplatz is a photo essay that represents one of the last existing circus sites in Europe. The square Plaine de Plainpalais in Geneva is a central socio-cultural place, not just in the city and canton of Geneva, but also in the border region with France. Through its history, it has been used for various social activities such as cricket, football and political events, and today on the same, there are terrains for bocce, skateboard, flea market and children's playgrounds. The square also has a tragic side when, in 1932, the Swiss army fired on a group of manifest antifascists, and on that occasion 13 people were killed.


This photographic series shows the nostalgic approach to the continuity of the "arrival of the circus in the city", and is based on the personal memory of the author who grew up in his native town near that Circusplatz, originally called Bulgarian fields (Bulgaren Äcker) at sarajevan district Marijin Dvor. Today, when the author's son grows up next to the circusplatz in Geneva, this series gets a completely personal and intimate approach to our comprehensive collective acceptance of life's transience.


The photographs show this magical moment of the approach towards the circus and the moment of transmission of our intimate memories in the same. Photographing the various circus tents coming to Geneva over the year, the author is visually showing the time diversity of the arrival of the circus into the city. The series ends with a photo of the tent of an imaginary circus in the aula of the former Sarajevo-based Holiday Inn, which its architect, Ivan Štraus, has set as a detail of the memory of the place where the hotel is located today, on that Circusplatz, as a detail of life's passage.

This photo essay was premierly shown online on FB page of Bosnian Association of Applied artists and designers (ULUPUBIH) on April 14th, 2020 during the COVID-19 crisis. Online exhibition was part of ULUPUBIH Gallery project "Isolation art". In september 2023, it was exposed in Vitrine Sixième Heure in Geneva (Switzerland).

Plakat-pozivnica 01-2.jpg
Capture d’écran 2020-04-15 à 07.32.14.
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