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The wall of the introspection


Sarajevan artist Andrej Ðerković is known by his simplicity when it is the question of the presentation of the work on which all artists are condemned. He is avoiding exclusivity, on the vernissage of the exhibitions is talking very short, if he even says something, philosophical discussions about the concept of art and what it supposed to means, it is not interesting him - his works are available to the viewers, because, it is them actually, who are invited to give their opinion. His opinion, on the other side, he will explain in few simple sentences and stay on that, which is at the end not bad idea, because there are too many artists today, who would like to talk only about their work.


In that sense, the exhibition ZRNO 7X Ðerković is of Ðerković’s minimalism. Exposed in the cafe of Collegium artisticum it is made by the series of Andrej's portraits done by sarajevan photographer Almin Zrno which are directly connected with seven Ðerković's exhibitions: Evolution (1998), 9/11 (2002), Missing (2004), DVD (2004), Sanjam... (2006), I survived 1425 days of the siege (2007) i Srebrenicaekspres ((2007). Seven simple black and white portraits are visually and personally connected with the concept of each of these exhibitions. In that way, the initiative and the possibility of sending the message, Ðerković gave to the other artist, photographer and in the same time a friend, giving him possibility to interpretation of his own art and making deeper regular private dimension which with years passing, became main characteristic of his work. Art dialog between Ðerković and Zrno is open invitation on introspection, which is because of its simplicity, impossible to reject.


With this exhibition, Ðerković symbolically finished one cycle of his creation - the exhibition in collaboration with Almin Zrno was his seventy individually exhibition, with the note that this artists is never exposing twice in the same gallery, so he expose 70 times in 70 different galleries, in Sarajevo as well in Zagreb, Rijeka, Istanbul, different cities of Italia, Spain, Belgium, Slovenia... Almin Zrno has six individual exhibitions and took a part on many collective exhibitions in Bosnia and worldwide. The exhibition ZRNO 7X Ðerković is definitely good proof of the synergy of artistic creations and visions, which can function excellently even if they are on one wall. Their message is manifold, touching and personal and it has everything necessary for thinking and introspection. It is just necessary to watch. With attention.


Maša Durkalić (DANI, Sarajevo, November 2007)

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