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Missing / 2004
Curated by Beral Madra
Istanbul Collection for Ars Aevi Museum of Contemporary arts Sarajevo

The exhibition “Missing” is talking about missing in the tragedy of Srebrenica. The idea is direct confrontation of the fact of their non-existence with our sense of touch through only wish of the Srebrenica's Mothers, to find their dearest i.e to burry them in honour and to touch their graves. Also, the wish is that this tragedy of ours is watched as something pure, innocent, what we are finding in white colour that signified clearness, so the pages with names of missing persons written on Braille are totally white and pure.


The exhibition was shown in City Gallery Collegium artisticum in Sarajevo, and after in The Hague, Rijeka, Toulouse, Vukovar, Bern, Stuttgart, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Banja Luka, Split, Goli otok, London and Istanbul where the expo was selected in the collection of ARS AEVI Museum of Contemporary arts in Sarajevo. The work was also shown in the frame of the exhibition “8732 Didn’t come” which was honoured by the city of Rijeka with “Annual Ivo Kalina Award” for the Best Contemporary arts exhibition. One of the cult Croatian artists, Sven Stilinović made a short movie about the exhibition been held in Galerija Kortil in Rijeka (Croatia). In September 2008, by Jury Selection, the work was shown on the exhibition “What is white?” in Ada Street Gallery in London with curatorship by Jenny Lee and Piera Ravnikar. In October same year, work was again exposed in City Gallery Collegium Artisticum in Sarajevo, through official presentation of Istanbul Collection for Ars Aevi Museum of Contemporary arts Sarajevo. In july 11, 2017, on 22th anniversary of the fall of Srebrenica, the exhibition "Missing" was shown in Gallery Dimchuk in Kiev (Ukraine).
























                                           Dymchuk Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2017, Photo Ilona Aliluleva

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