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Andrej’s choice


Walking in Istanbul, on the black market under Galata Bridge, Andrej Ðerković buys traffic metal board where is restriction of speed on 30 kilometers written on Turkish: azami hiz. Not to print poster for his thirtieth individual exhibition in Buybook, Ðerković, sarajevan artist and photographer, brings this metal board from Turkey and use it as a poster. The tendency towards conceptualism, this excellent photographer is not showing for the first time. And we believe, not even the last. His thirtieth individual exhibition, he is exhibiting in the age of thirty. And, of course, on the exhibition there are thirty photographs, portraits of the people who, in last thirty years have influence on this artist or in some special way, find their place in his world. More then half of the portraits were made in Sarajevo, while the others are made in Mostar, Barcelona, Geneva, Nyon, and all of them were made from 1996 until today. In this world of Ðerković, for last thirty years, their place fined Miki Trifunov, Bono Vox, Jean-Hughes Anglade, Jusuf Hadžifejzović, as well as Emir Kusturica, Alfonso Cuaron, Enes Sivac, Zoran Bečić, Laka, Enki Bilal, Miljenko Jergović, Davor Janjić and some other people who are well know only to the small number of connoisseurs. In that way, this exhibition has a double sense. As much as it is intimately intonate with relations and significance known only to the author, this exhibition with its selection is connecting wider audience, because it is probably very hard to find somebody that is it’s not touched by one of the portraits in some special way. However, we are letting this possibility that each visitor has his own selection. How that selection will be different from Ðerković selection, it’s another story. For now, Ðerković is the only one, who makes his. And let’s says that his selection of people for next thirty years will look different that this one.

If we live until then, we will see.


Nisvet Džanko (DANI, Sarajevo, December 2001)

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