In colaboration with Magazine Gracija Sarajevo


OSTALI/OSTALI is a series of photographic portraits of the citizens of Sarajevo and personal friends of the author (+self-portrait), who do not imbed into the national classification anomaly in the Bosnian contemporary society.


Duplication in the name of this photographic series, of the surreal and utterly undefined Dayton Peace Agreement expression OSTALI (OTHERS) with the same word that means OSTALI (WHO STAYED) following the specific mythical Sarajevo dilemma, who stayed / who did not stay during the siege, leads to a completely different classification, which is above all possible classifications, and that is the human one.


This is about the people who during the siege remained (OSTALI) in their homes, in their city (regardless of whether they were born in the same), in its consistency as a habitat of their personal constancy. This constancy and persistence, continues in post-war and misshapen Dayton constitutional and institutional system of this country, in which also, portrayed persons proudly do not imbed, because the present unnatural and tribal divisions of "one and only" own nation, does not match to their civilizational understanding of society that surrounds them, and following their character and individuality, consciously they stayed (OSTALI) out of it.