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Braco Dimitrijević I met at 11.21 am, Sarajevo 2002

Le Commun

Bâtiment d'art contemporain

Curated by Centre de la Photographie Genève

Genève, Switzerland

April 2021


As part of the platform that the Centre de la Photographie (CPG) in Geneva is currently implementing on the importance of an institution dedicated to photography in the field of contemporary art and in the near-by vicinity of the Museum and Center of Contemporary Art, Đerković’s work entitled “Braco Dimitrijević I met at 11.21 am, Sarajevo 2002” was placed on the common building of these three institutions.


This site-specific work refers to the famous series "Cassual Passer-by" of Ðerković's friend and a fellow citizen Braco Dimitrijević, one of the pioneers of conceptual contemporary art. With the essence of human behavior and the reading of the everyday environment, we come here to the questioning of the mechanisms of promoting certain ideas / cultures that are culturally installed in contemporary society. The process of this public intervention is in fact in the opposite direction from the original work by Braco Dimitrijević, whose idea was to analyze certain behavior of the public who automatically “read” portrayed subjects as well-known personalities from politics and media, which portrayed persons were originally not.


In this work of relative aesthetics, the genre of public reading is quite the opposite; Ðerković's portrait subject in this case is no one else than Braco Dimitrijević himself. His portrait, a portrait of one of the world's most famous contemporary artists, installed on the facade of the building "Le Commun", a complex with the Museum and Centre for Contemporary art (Musée d'art contemporain MAMCO / Centre d'art contemporain CAC), it intertwines monumentally with the everyday life, through the idea of ​​media dogma and prejudice towards the work of art in a direct and powerful manner. At the same time, it’s questioning the state of cultural awareness of the local cultural milieu about the nucleus of the works of the Geneva Museum of Contemporary Art (MAMCO) in whose collection among the authors is Braco Dimitrijević himself. With this example of transforming art into behavior, we come to the point that the same becomes the equivalent of art, that is, self-reflection of object-oriented art.



"Casual Passers-by, that, conditionally speaking, "my first" work, is always somewhere, it's always shown. I have no relation to it, except that lately I've become less strict with myself, less critical. If I can meet a cassual passer-by whose picture I posted on Zagreb's Republic Square or on the Champs-Elysees, does that mean I can meet myself too !?"


Braco Dimitrijević, DANI (Sarajevo), April 2001


Casual Passer-by I met at 3.41 pm, Paris 1999, Casual passer-by I met at 3.47 pm, Paris 1999

                                      Braco Dimitrijević, Les Champs-Elysées, Paris, 1999-2000

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